Biden’s Press Conference a Total Disaster, Completely Blows Up in His Face – World Sees How Weak He Is

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Naturally, President Joe Biden had to appear for a press conference to offer comments on the situation, since the U.S. is involved in the mess.

But his press conference did not help anything or clarify how the U.S. will respond. Biden’s remarks were not even entirely coherent.

Biden has condemned the invasion of Ukraine, but he seems to be sticking to the idea that harsh sanctions are the solution.

But Cecilia Vega, the White House correspondent for ABC News, pointed out during her questions that sanctions have clearly not stopped Russian President Vladimir Putin thus far.

“Sanctions clearly have not been enough to deter Vladimir Putin to this point. What is going to stop him? How and when does this end and do you see him trying to go beyond Ukraine?” Vega asked.

But Biden was unclear in his remarks on the whole situation.

During the whole press conference, Biden had a bit of a “deer in the headlights” look as he stumbled around for answers.

Vega also asked about Putin’s comments and threats to the west.

“The statement that he made last night, the threat that he gave, the west will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history. Is he threatening a nuclear strike?”

In response, Biden had no real answer other than that sanctions will take time.

“I have no idea what he’s threatening. I know what he has done, number one. And number two, no one expected the sanctions to prevent any from happening … this could take time. And we have to show resolve so he knows what’s coming and so the people of Russia know what he’s brought on them. That’s what this is all about. This is going to take time,” Biden said.

“He’s going to test the resolve of the west to see if we stay together. And we will. We will and it will impose significant cost on him,” he added.

But Biden also said he doesn’t even have plans to talk to Putin.

The fact that Biden is just going to rely on time to solve issues is not promising, since there are already reports of deaths and casualties in Ukraine and Russia is continually bombing areas throughout the country, CNN reported.

When Russia began the attacks, Biden issued a statement saying, “Tonight, Jill and I are praying for the brave and proud people of Ukraine.”

Prayers may be appreciated, but a clear effort to actually end the conflict and death would probably be even more appreciated. Instead, Biden warned that this will just take time.

But that was not even the worst part of the press conference. When asked about China’s relations to the conflict, Biden simply did not have an answer at all.

“Are you urging China to help isolate Russia?” a reporter asked.

“I’m not prepared to comment on that at the moment,” Biden answered.

So what are Biden’s plans? In the vaguest of ways, the president alluded to staying strong in Eastern Europe and keeping NATO unified and strong.

Pair that with the sanctions, which will take a long time, and Biden has got himself a real plan of attack.

In the midst of such a blatantly deadly show of power from Putin, Biden is wavering. This press conference made him appear terribly weak.

While the U.S. may not need to start bombing the daylights out of Moscow in response to this invasion, the very least that the president could do would be to give a coherent and stern press conference to show some resolve.

This is what British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did.

Johnson was quick on the trigger and imposed massive sanctions on Russia, Reuters reported.

Specifically, Johnson’s sanctions are at least aiming to hit Putin where it could hurt him some. The UK is targeting banks in order to freeze Russian assets, as well as oligarchs and members of Putin’s close circle who are within reach of the British.

Johnson was also decisive in his comments and condemnation. He did not hem-haw at all or go for the “it will take time” excuse that Biden came up with.

Instead, he said that Putin would never be able to cleanse the “blood of Ukraine from his hands.”

“This hideous and barbarous venture of Vladimir Putin must end in failure,” Johnson said to Parliament.

Biden should have taken a page from Johnson’s book when addressing this situation. But instead, he has no idea if Russia plans to start a nuclear war and doesn’t have any plans to even talk to Putin.

This is not a time to look weak on the world stage, but that seems to be the only thing that Biden knows how to do.

Via        The Western Journal

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