Trump Confirms He Will Veto Current Military Spending Bill Over Section 230 Demands

President Donald Trump confirmed his intention to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Thursday evening, saying Republicans had failed to include the provisions he demanded.

Trump had said on Tuesday that he would veto any NDAA that did not include language abolishing Section 230 and protecting military bases named after confederate figures. The final version of the bill established a commission to review the naming of the Confederate bases and made no mention of section 230, meeting Trump’s criteria for a veto.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany confirmed Wednesday that Trump would make good on his veto threat. However, she stated that she was not sure whether Trump would accept a version of the bill that adopted one of his demands and not the other.

Trump’s Thursday tweet confirms he does not plan to accept only half of his demands being met, though it is unclear whether his veto would be overturned in the Senate.

Trump accused his Republican allies of getting “cold feet” on abolishing Section 230 earlier on Thursday. The law grants internet companies immunity from lability for content their users post.

Trump is the only Republican to propose a full abolishment of Section 230. Even the Republicans most critical of the law, such as Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, have proposed only changing it in key ways.

Via The Daily Caller

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