Trump Campaign Lawyer: More than 40,000 People in Nevada Voted Twice

The lawyer leading President Trump’s election lawsuit in Nevada said Wednesday that he will submitting real evidence of voter fraud—including evidence that over 40,000 people in the state voted twice—to the court this afternoon.

The official results of the election in Nevada show Biden winning with 50.1 percent of the vote compared to Trump’s 47.7 percent.

For weeks, Trump Campaign attorney Jesse Binnall has been telling reporters that Trump—not Biden—was the actual winner in Nevada.

“Donald Trump won … after you account for the fraud and irregularities that occurred,” campaign attorney Binnall told reporters when he announced the lawsuit last month.

The lawyer said he wants a state judge to either declare Trump the winner of the election or to invalidate the presidential vote results.

“We are going to present evidence of real voter fraud—thousands and thousands of instances of voter fraud in Nevada alone,” Binnall told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo Wednesday morning.

“We have instances, for instance, of 40,000-plus people who have voted twice in the election,” he added. “We have data showing that people who were on the record as having voted by mail, didn’t even receive ballots and didn’t even receive votes.”

Members of Trump’s legal team and representatives of Joe Biden’s six Nevada Electoral College delegates reportedly inspected a vote-counting location in Carson City on Tuesday in connection with Trump’s lawsuit.

Carson City District Court Judge James T. Russell on Monday granted a motion from Trump’s campaign to inspect the equipment on Monday, in accordance with Nevada state law.

Russell will hold a hearing on the Trump Campaign’s lawsuit on Thursday afternoon.

Binnall told Bartiromo that he will argue that Nevada voters were disenfranchised, “because every time there’s a fraudulent vote cast—put into the system—it dilutes the votes of honest voters.”

He said that his team will be submitting evidence to the court at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon.

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