NYC’s New Mayor Eric Adams Calls 911 on His Subway Commute Hours After Being Sworn Into Office (VIDEO)

New York City’s new Mayor Eric Adams called 911 his first day on the job during his subway commute to City Hall.

Mr. Adams took the subway just hours after being sworn into office on Saturday and called 911 to report a fight near the subway station.

NBC New York reported:

New York City’s new mayor, Eric Adams, rode the subway to City Hall for his first day on the job, hours after being sworn into office Saturday in a Times Square ceremony as the nation’s largest city rang in the new year.

During his New Year’s Day commute, the former New York City police captain chatted with reporters and New Yorkers on the train and even called 911 to report a fight after witnessing two men tussling near the subway station.

While waiting for his train, Adams saw two men fighting on the sidewalk below the train platform, with a third man trying to intervene.

The new mayor called 911 to report “an assault in progress.” The fight ended and two of the men left by the time two police patrol cars arrived. Officers spoke to the remaining man but stayed in their car, and Adams told reporters he would have investigated more had he been the officer on the scene.


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