GOP Rep Introduces Legislation to Make 5 Trump Executive Orders Permanent

Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa has introduced pro-business legislation that would codify former President Donald Trump’s deregulatory agenda.

On Tuesday, Hinson unveiled the Red Tape Reduction Act, a bill that makes permanent five Trump executive orders that helped small businesses thrive and bolstered the meteoric growth of the pre-pandemic U.S. economy.

“President Trump worked to unravel the regulatory web in Washington and pull back the heavy hand of government that hurts small businesses, farmers, and workers,” she said in a news release.

“Coupled with tax cuts, this unleashed the strongest economy in modern history.”

Hinson lamented that President Joe Biden is undoing all the progress achieved during the Trump administration, when the sizzling U.S. economy boasted record-low unemployment.

“Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has rescinded many successful deregulatory policies and is embracing a big government mindset that will pull down our economy when we most need growth and hurt rural communities in Iowa,” she said.

“That’s why I introduced legislation to save President Trump’s deregulatory agenda and make his pro-growth policies permanent.”

Jerry Akers, an entrepreneur in Cedar Rapids, applauded the congresswoman for trying to help small businesses after the nationwide coronavirus shutdowns forced many into bankruptcy.

“Unreasonable regulations from the federal government make it harder on our small business to operate,” he said in a statement in her news release. “These requirements often make absolutely no sense and do far more harm than good.”

In contrast to Biden’s push to expand government control over every aspect of Americans’ lives, Trump’s deregulatory policies put more control back into the hands of states and individuals.

“Now, more than ever, we need the government to get out of the way and stay out of the way,” Akers said.

The Red Tape Reduction Act would make permanent these five Trump executive orders:

  • Executive Order 13771: Requires that for every one regulation issued by an executive department or agency, at least two prior regulations must be eliminated.
  • Executive Order 13777: Requires each agency to establish an official as its regulatory reform officer to oversee implementation of regulatory reform and evaluate existing regulations for job creation, effectiveness and cost/benefit analyses.
  • Executive Order 13891: Prohibits federal agencies from issuing binding rules through guidance documents without approval from Congress.
  • Executive Order 13892: Requires agencies to be transparent by providing public and fair notice of any regulation an agency will be applying and enforcing, in order to prevent administrative abuses.
  • Executive Order 13893: Requires agencies to find a way to cut spending when they put forward a proposal to increase spending.

In addition to eliminating countless jobs since taking office two months ago, Biden has proposed massive tax hikes on both businesses and individuals.

These destructive moves are being made at a terrifying juncture when the nation is still reeling from a shutdown-induced recession and its borders are being overrun daily by armies of unvetted migrants

Indeed, a staggering 1.2 million illegal aliens are projected to enter the United States this year.

Meanwhile, the country is still being ripped apart by media-stoked race wars as destructive rioting and looting overrun Democrat-controlled cities.

These issues won’t be resolved overnight, although some could be — if gullible people weren’t brainwashed by left-wing propaganda masquerading as “news.”

Hinson is correct for trying to reinstate Trump’s pro-business policies. Fortifying the economy is a step in the right direction amid the left’s nonstop cycle of chaos and lawlessness.

Via The Western Journal

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