Glenn Beck Has a Theory on The Real Reason Biden Wants the White House Doorknobs Removed

There is a deeper motive behind the extent of the cleaning of the White House that has been ordered by presumptive President-elect Joe Biden, according to talk show host Glenn Beck.

Citing the coronavirus, Biden’s administration has ordained that personnel in hazmat suits spray the entire White House with disinfectant. Workers will report the rugs, drapes and furniture as well, according to the UK Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail said the cleaning does not stop there, according to a source it identified as “a member of the transition team.”

“Mr Trump’s administration has been riddled with the coronavirus. The Bidens are taking no chances. The entire property will be deep-cleaned down to replacing doorknobs and taking down soft furnishings. The virus can linger on hard surfaces so the entire residence and executive offices will be wiped clean with disinfectant to exorcise any trace of Team Trump,” the source said.

There’s not much time for this feat, noted White House historian Kate Andersen Brower.

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“There is a five-hour window between presidents. That’s when 95 staff will have to pack up all the Trump possessions and move the Bidens in. They will clean or replace everything,” she said.

The cleaning frenzy, and particular the doorknob replacement plan, intrigued Beck, who spoke about it on his Monday program, and posted a video of his comments to his Facebook page.

Noting that there are only five hours between the time President Donald Trump and his family are scheduled to leave the White House and the Bidens are scheduled to move in, Beck mused aloud about the time period that the coronavirus could remain on a metal surface, waiting to infect an unwary hand.

“Changing the doorknobs seems a little odd, doesn’t it?” Beck said later in the program.

“It’s not like you’re going to Home Depot and buying a bunch of cheap doorknobs.”

“So. Replace the doorknobs. Why was that said? This is my theory. But I only have this theory because I took a picture of something in the West Wing,” he said.

The video then showed a doorknob with the presidential seal, which Beck said replaced former doorknobs that were much smaller.

“They said that the first day he was into office, he said, ‘Really, these are the doorknobs we have here?’” Beck quoted Trump as saying.

“And they said, yes, Mr. President,” Beck narrated, quoting Trump as responding, “Well, I’ll take care of that.”

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“I took a picture of all of the doorknobs in the White House,” Beck said, as an image of a doorknob appeared. “They are absolutely beautiful. I think they’re solid brass.”

“Donald Trump put all of those in,” Beck said.

“When they said, ‘and we’re even going to remove the doorknobs,’ I am convinced it was a jab directed directly personally to him. ‘We will erase everything you have done. Everything,’” Beck said.

“That’s the kind of people you’re dealing with,” he said. “There’s no need to remove the doorknobs. Unless you are sending a message: ‘You were never here.’”

Beck summarized his theory in a Facebook post that read, “Reports claim that Joe Biden has ordered an ‘exorcism’ of anything and everything ‘Trump’ from the White House on Inauguration Day. This would include a team in hazmat suits disinfecting the whole building and removing carpets, furniture, and even the doorknobs.

“But while I was at the White House this weekend, I noticed something that may shed more light on why the Biden transition team would mention removing doorknobs. I don’t believe this is about the coronavirus. I believe this is a message directly to Trump from the Biden team: ‘You were NEVER here.’”


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