Covid Booster Shots Coming “Soon” Fauci Tells CNN

It’s no longer a matter of if but when the US will mandate booster shots to those already vaccinated.

Speaking to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Anthony Fauci who has managed to last at least a few weeks since a major flip-flop, said Covid-19 vaccine booster shots should be given “reasonably soon” to people with weakened immune systems.

“We need to look at them in a different light. We would certainly be boosting those people before we boost the general population that’s been vaccinated, and we should be doing that reasonably soon.”

It wasn’t clear who would make the determination which potential subjects have a weakened vaccine system: perhaps Apple will comb through all American iPhones as part of its latest crackdown on personal privacy and alert the proper authorities if it finds a white blood cell count below a given (constantly changing, because this is after all “science”) threshold.

Fauci spoke as debate grows over “breakthrough” infections among fully vaccinated people and whether approval should be given for booster shots. On Sunday, Israel, the first nation to roll out booster shots widely, said it had given more than 420,000 third shots to people 60 and over. At least 14 Israelis have already caught Covid-19 after having been injected with a booster shot, suggesting that the booster shot will be the first of many, and will likely last all the way through the mid-term elections because, well, mail-in ballots next November.

Fauci said most people who have compromised immune systems, including those with organ transplants or who are on chemotherapy, “never did get an adequate response” from their Covid-19 vaccination. This is yet another example of US “scientists” moving the goalposts in real time, and they will keep on moving that much is guaranteed: when asked if other groups should get booster shots, Fauci said the CDC and Prevention is ready to give such recommendations “as soon as” they see clear evidence to do so from the data.

As for the kind of data the CDC will be looking for, Fauci said that the CDC has been tracking the level of durability of protection for the elderly, those in nursing homes and young people, month by month. “As soon as they see that level of durability of protection goes down, then you will see the recommendation to vaccinate those individuals.”

Speaking one day after Barack Obama’ epic birthday bash (despite it being shrunk for just the closest family and friends), Fauci said that health officials don’t take breakthrough infections “lightly,” warning that the delta variant which is more contagious and is fueling the surge of U.S. cases to more than 100,000 a day, will produce “more” breakthrough cases. Luckily, everyone inside the Barack Birthday Bash tent is exempt from such risks.

And speaking of furiously moving goalposts, Fauci said the Delta variant presents the additional problem that vaccinated people can also transmit the virus to someone else. That has led to the CDC revising its mask guidelines recently. But, he stressed: “The vaccines are still doing what you originally want them to do — to keep you out of the hospital to prevent you from getting seriously ill.”

Actually, what the CDC “originally” wanted the vaccines to do, was to prevent those who were jabbed from infecting others. Only later did we learn that too was a fabrication.

Finally, Fauci reminded viewers that all Covid-19 vaccines remains experimental although he assured his pals at CNN that a full approval could arrive “within the next few weeks.”

Via Zero Hedge 

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