A Symptom of Dementia? Biden Gets so Mad About Question That He Grabs Reporter – It’s All on Video

Does President Joe Biden actually have dementia? Nobody knows.

However, given that the 79-year-old president often displays common symptoms of the cognitive condition, it’s a fair question. Some of his repeated actions, like acting increasingly aggressive and physical toward reporters asking simple questions, as he did on Thursday, raise concerns that the U.S. president might possibly be experiencing a loss of cognitive function, which poses all sorts of problems, including national security concerns.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, some of the key symptoms of dementia include “aggressive behaviors” and “anger.” Anyone who’s lived with or taken care of a family member or friend with dementia can spot some of the same signs in Biden’s behavior, and that’s just what we see on television and the internet.

For instance, Thursday, before Biden boarded Marine One, the president was peppered with several questions by reporters. While answering those questions, the president seemed especially angry and aggressive toward them, even getting physical on a few occasions — all symptoms of dementia, especially in a person his age.

The first question was related to abortion rights. Upon providing his nonsensical answer in which he referred to the now-overturned landmark Roe v. Wade case, Biden can be seen reaching out and grabbing the reporter’s arms.

Pretty bizarre, right? One can only imagine the sheer outrage from the left if former President Donald Trump exhibited the same erratic behaviors, to the point where he grabbed and yanked reporters’ hands and arms.

Another question seemed to rattle the current president, as a reporter pointed out the embarrassing lack of requests from Democratic candidates who want Biden to rally with them in the final stretch leading up to the 2022 midterms. Biden, in response, not only snapped at the female reporter, calling her “kid” and telling her to “count,” but he also reportedly grabbed her, too.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other key symptoms of dementia, from the National Institute on Aging, and see if they might ring a bell.

“Experiencing memory loss, poor judgment, confusion, difficulty speaking, understanding and expressing thoughts, or reading and writing.” It also listed “wandering and getting lost in a familiar neighborhood” as a symptom. Almost all of those top-level symptoms have been displayed by Biden at one point or another, sometimes multiple times.

But who knows if he has dementia?

“Losing balance and problems with movement” was another symptom. Remember the Air Force One stairs?

Again, who knows, right? Can you feel how strongly my eyes are rolling into the back of my head?

The point is that Biden clearly has something going on, whatever it is. If it’s simply old age, fine! Nobody is knocking the guy for being old. It happens to us all, eventually.

But the concern is that if Biden is just aging rapidly, or dealing with some level of dementia or another condition that presents with cognitive decline, we’re talking about the leader of the free world who is never more than inches away from the nuclear codes. A dementia-ridden person typically also has trouble at night, so can you imagine Biden, with dementia, having to respond to a breaking threat in the middle of the night? Is he even capable?

That’s a serious question and one for which every American deserves a clear and serious answer. One must also consider that despite multiple requests, Biden still refuses to submit to a run-of-the-mill cognitive skills test. Why in the world is that?

Via The Western Journal

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