Would-Be Robber Trails Couple Home, Door Slams Seconds Before He Points Gun – Then You Hear Chilling Noise

In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a couple was walking home July 15 when they realized they were being followed.

The couple made it home and, in the nick of time, slammed the door shut before two assailants, a male and a female, both wearing wigs, could harm them.

But the noise their Ring doorbell camera recorded was possibly even more chilling.


The door cam footage showed the male robber drawing a pistol from his waistband and pointing it at the door. Upon the door slamming shut, the robber couple abruptly turned around, laughing all the way off the property, even as they took off in their SUV.

Just five minutes after leaving the couple’s home, and only half a mile away, this same couple robbed a man at gunpoint who was loading up his vehicle, police said.

Five days later, on July 20, Denver Police arrested and charged the male robber, later identified as Amisi Mbui, according to Wheat Ridge Police Department.

From Wheat Ridge, Mbui was charged with two counts of attempted robbery and two counts of felony menacing, according to Joanna Small, public information officer for Wheat Ridge Police Department.

Denver will also charge Mbui with separate charges, though The Western Journal is still awaiting a response from Denver police as to what those charges will be.

The female accomplice is still at large, but police continue to search for her.

“If the couple hadn’t immediately gone inside and slammed the door, who knows what may have happened?” Wheat Ridge Police Department said in their post.

Fortunately for the would-be victim couple, slamming the door shut was enough to stop a potentially dangerous and tragic situation. But sometimes, unarmed citizens do not have the luxury of a door for security.

An unarmed father, Matthew Phillips, was shot in the face while protecting his daughter last month in gun-restricted Washington.

A gunman approached Phillips’ parked truck while his daughter was in the back seat. The gunman demanded his money and vehicle.

That’s when Phillips tried to rip the rifle from the would-be robber’s hands, but the gunman pulled out another gun and told Phillips not to move.

Attempting to escape, Phillips was shot in the mouth by a ricocheting bullet. Yet Phillips was still able to wrestle the gunman to the ground and hold him there until police arrived. His daughter was not harmed, KIRO reported.

Violent crimes seem increasingly common these days, and sometimes even without motive. To make matters worse, like the Colorado incident, they are sometimes done with laughter or without any apparent remorse.

Earlier this month a 73-year-old Philadelphia man was beaten to death with a traffic cone by a group of kids. The camera footage showed the group chasing him across the street, before one smashed the cone over his head. Then, one of the females in the group picked up the cone and hit the man again with it. All the while, another appears to be indifferently recording it with his phone.

Philadelphia, a gun-restricted blue state, broke a 30-year-old homicide record last year.

Via              The Western Journal


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