White House Posts Photo of Feeble Joe Biden Sitting Alone as Afghanistan Falls to Taliban – Outs Doha Station, CIA

This is embarrassing.

The White House on Sunday tweeted a photo of Dementia Joe sitting by himself as Afghanistan falls to the Taliban.

The Taliban seized US weapons, munitions and military equipment such as armored tanks and military vehicles.

The US is currently evacuating the country.

Instead of addressing the American people or meeting in the Situation Room with US Generals, Joe Biden is all alone in an empty room miles away looking confused.

“This morning, the President and Vice President met with their national security team and senior officials to hear updates on the draw down of our civilian personnel in Afghanistan, evacuations of SIV applicants and other Afghan allies, and the ongoing security situation in Kabul.”

The Biden White House also outed CIA officials and sitting chiefs at Doha Station:

Taliban leaders entered the presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday.

Afghanistan is now fully under the Taliban’s control.

Afghanistan’s president fled the country with his family on Sunday according to the Associated Press.

One of the Taliban leaders who spent time in Gitmo celebrated conquering Kabul.

“I was detained in Guantanamo bay camp for several years” the Taliban leader said from inside the palace on Sunday.

Meanwhile Joe Biden had to be awakened from a nap for a photo op during one of the biggest blunders of his presidency.

Via The Gateway Pundit

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