Watch: Trump Supporters Take to the Streets to Give Biden Brutal Welcome in Chicago

Let’s go, Brandon.

If the media is feeling charitable — and if there’s someone whose name is Brandon in the semi-immediate vicinity — that’s how they would have reported the chants when President Joe Biden visited a Chicago suburb to urge people to get vaccinated.

You can hear the newsman now: “And, Tom, the key takeaway from crowds lining the street is that they’re heartily in support of young Brandon Paailgrims, a Champaign/Urbana youth who’s been fighting a case of juvenile shingles. No matter what their Trump flags might say, these are people who care about sick kids in Illinois. Back to the studio.”

And yes, there was a so-called “let’s go, Brandon” chant when the president visited (if you’re unaware of what that means, we’ll get to that later), but one thing’s for sure: Even in deep-blue Illinois, plenty of people weren’t thrilled with the president.

Here’s Daniel Williams, a reporter from the Chicago area, showing what the streets looked like on the way to Elk Grove Village, where Biden was scheduled to speak on Thursday:

As the protesters lined the road, trucks honked their approval.

Univision’s Mariano Gielis also took video of the protesters — including someone with a “Let’s go Brandon” sign.


Some were more vocal in their support of Brandon:

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

Just in case you missed the joke: Many of those protesting the president have taken the simple, frank and evocative chant “f*** Joe Biden” as their slogan.

Ah, but yes, Brandon. This chant tends to break out at sporting events, including at the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega earlier this month. Brandon Brown scored his first win there and one reporter misinterpreted the crowd’s sentiments:

For reasons you may have grokked, Brandon seemed unmoved.

While the Brandon Brown saga brought the trend to wider attention, chants like these have been ongoing for quite some time — and often in places you wouldn’t expect, especially college football games. (From students who haven’t absorbed their critical race theory like good clones, apparently.) Without subjecting you to every single clip, let me assure you this isn’t an isolated phenomenon, and it’s happening in places the president should be concerned about.

No, the grandstands at the 2.66-mile oval at Talladega aren’t known for a surfeit of progressive Democrats, but Elk Grove Village, Illinois, isn’t exactly that far outside of the Democratic stronghold of Chicago. In fact, it’s adjacent to O’Hare Airport, which serves a city that would sooner elect a rabid communist otter than a Republican. And it’s not as if Biden did much to convince the area’s residents during his visit:

What he said.

This is the president who’s supposed to unite us, who’s supposed to apply salve to our national wounds. His speech in Chicago wasn’t necessarily provocative, although he’s lapsed into lying-dog-faced-pony-soldier territory far too often lately.

His vaccine mandate, if it ever comes to pass (the promised Occupational Safety and Health Agency rule that the mandate is supposed to function under has yet to come forth), will multiply these protests. So will other pressures, like the slow pace of job and economic growth.

Let’s go, Brandon, indeed.

Via    The Western Journal

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