Watch: The Bizarre Gaffe Biden Had in the Middle of His Speech That Everyone Missed

There are a few constants in life that every American can count on.

The sun will come up every morning, Earth will keep spinning and President Joe Biden will continue to make bizarre and embarrassing gaffes.

On Monday, Biden did so yet again when he tried to tell a story about “people pulling up to McDonald’s” during a speech in Kearny, New Jersey.

Specifically, Biden was speaking about internet infrastructure issues.

“We’re going to make sure high-speed Internet is affordable and available everywhere in America, including the nearly one in three New Jersey families that don’t have the internet subscription,” the president said.

But then, when trying to give an example of the internet problem, Biden appeared to get lost talking about people being forced to pull up to their local McDonald’s to do their homework.

What Biden was probably trying to say is that some Americans were forced to use the free WiFi at the fast-food chain.

However, as the president lugged his way through the analogy, he began to look incredibly confused before trailing off.

“How many times do you see people pulling up to McDonald’s sitting outside during the pandemic so they could do their homework because they couldn’t get — get it off of their — their line?” Biden said.

Biden became visibly stuck for a moment, getting quiet before continuing his speech.

Did the president misread something the teleprompter said? Or did he completely forget what he was talking about?

He was slightly more successful when he tried to make the same point during a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 20.

“How many people did you see out in McDonald’s parking lots with their kids in their cars — because they get access to the internet — to be able to help the kid in school?” the president said. “What are we doing? This is the United States of America, dammit. What are we doing?”

Gaffes, blunders and odd moments like this are part of the norm when it comes to Biden’s speeches.

Whatever the reason for these mistakes, their increased frequency has become a very important point of concern.

How can the American people trust this man to lead them with his mental capacity in question?

Via    The Western Journal

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