Watch: Pelosi Bizarrely Declares Reason She Called GOP Leader A “Moron” Is “Science, Science, Science, And Science”

After declaring that House GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy was a “moron” for saying he opposes the new mask mandate (even for fully vaccinated people), Nancy Pelosi just repeated the word “science” over and over again as justification.

When a reporter asked “Is Kevin McCarthy a moron, and if so, why?” Pelosi responded “I said earlier in my comment, science, science, science, and science.”

“On almost every subject that you can name, science is the answer,” Pelosi added, without actually giving any scientific explanation as to why vaccinated people have to wear masks that do not protect them or other people against anything.

“Whether it’s the climate crisis, whether it’s a health crisis, whether it’s our preeminence in the world and technology, science, science, science, science,” Pelosi bizarrely barked.


Appearing Tucker Carlson’s show, GOP Congressman Chip Roy highlighted the insanity of Pelosi’s claims:

Via Summit News

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