WATCH: Chuck Todd Asks Secretary of State Blinken Why Putin Didn’t Escalate During the Trump Administration

NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken why Vladimir Putin didn’t escalate tensions with Ukraine during the Trump Administration.

Blinken had no answer.

“[The] previous one. Why do you think [Putin] didn’t act then?” Chuck Todd asked Blinken on “Meet the Press.”

“I hope you get a chance to ask him,” Blinken said stuttering.


Isn’t it interesting that the last two times Russian president Vladimir Putin moved in with his military in regards to Ukraine, Joe Biden was in the White House?

Putin took Crimea in 2014 and now he has amassed nearly 200,000 troops on the border with Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin never tried this while Trump was president but that didn’t stop the media from calling Trump ‘Putin’s puppet’ for 5 years.

Via      The Gateway Pundit 

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