Watch: Biden Just Humiliated Himself in Front of Another Foreign Leader

President Joe Biden’s brain malfunctioned again on Friday, this time as he explained to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he was vice president just a year ago.

Biden is either really bad at numbers or he’s losing his marbles in front of the entire world. There is also the possibility that Biden is a huge liar, and at this point he doesn’t care who knows it — not even other world leaders.

In any event, Biden’s issues with honesty continued to plague him Friday. The 78-year-old former vice president made a statement when speaking with Modi in front of the media that made zero sense.

This one was actually quite alarming, being that Biden has access to nuclear weapons and all.

Biden was able to remember that Vice President Kamala Harris shares some heritage with his Indian counterpart.

“When I showed the Prime Minister to his seat, I pointed out that seat is occupied almost every day by an Indian American,” Biden said in what was actually an impressive virtue signal about how diverse his administration is. “The Vice President’s mother was from India — a scientist and a remarkable woman.”

Then Biden uttered a statement that even the White House transcriber could not edit for clarity.

“As — as I think you know, Mr. Prime Minister, I’ve long believed that the U.S.-India relationship can help us solve an awful lot of global challenges,” he said. “In fact, back in 2006, I set that hope out, where I said that by 2020 — when I was Vice President — 2020, India and the United States would be among the closest nations in the world with one another.”

It was a nice sentiment, but Biden was not VP in 2020. He was a private citizen who was out making boneheaded statements. In 2006, back when he was a senator representing Delaware, he might have had hope for U.S.-India relations.

But he was apparently under the impression that all Indians either ran gas stations or sold donuts and coffee.

If Biden’s verbal misstep on Friday were a one-off, this might be no big deal. But Biden’s botched meeting with Modi wasn’t even the first time this week he had embarrassed himself in front of another world leader. On Tuesday, he repeated his humiliating and made-up Amtrak story in front of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson — and everyone else who was watching.

“When I was vice president, the Secret Service didn’t like me traveling on Amtrak because there were too many options for people to cause trouble along the way. But I insisted I do it,” he said.

Biden said that he had hit a milestone after traveling more than 1.3 million miles on Air Force Two as vice president when his train conductor, a man named Angelo Negri, told him he’d hit another milestone.

“So I’m walking up to get on the train on that Friday and a guy, who was the number three guy from New Jersey on seniority as a conductor, walked up to me and grabbed me and goes like this, ‘Joey baby!’ and grabs my face. I thought the Secret Service was going to shoot him and I said no, no, he’s a friend,” Biden said.

“Do you know how many miles you’ve traveled on Amtrak?” Biden claimed Negri told him. “You’ve traveled over 2 million miles, big deal!”

The problem with this absurd and debunked story that Biden won’t stop repeating is that it cannot be factually correct in the way Biden tells it. Negri died in 2014, the New York Post reported.

His passing was two years before Biden actually did cross the 1.3 million miles mark on the vice-presidential aircraft in 2016.

There is also the inconvenient fact that Negri retired from Amtrak in 1993. The Post also noted that when Biden told a different version of this very same story just a few months ago, the man he claimed was Negri informed him he’d traveled 1.5 million miles by rail, and not the two million he bragged about Tuesday with Johnson.

What was worse than Biden telling a tall tale to Johnson on Tuesday afternoon? The fact that he had already embarrassed himself earlier that same day when addressing the United Nations General Assembly.

Look at these 83 seconds of pure gaffes, brain misfires and unfortunate statements:


Biden continues to make a fool out of himself in front of the world. Sadly, many people out there in the international community are probably getting a good chuckle, but they aren’t only laughing at him.

They’re laughing at us all.

Via  The Western Journal

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