Walmart’s Critical Race Theory Program Revealed: Lowest-Paid White Employees Told They’re Guilty of ‘White Supremacy Thinking’

A Walmart training program denounces the United States as a “white supremacy system,” according to a new report.

Writing in City Journal, Christopher Rufo, who has written about race-based indoctrination programs in other organizations, said a whistleblower gave him internal company documents upon which he based his report.

The Walmart program began in 2018 when Walmart inked a deal with the Racial Equity Institute of  Greensboro, North Carolina. It is recommended for hourly workers and mandatory for executives and has trained more than 1,000 people.

The program is based on foundational principles Rufo lists as “internalized racial oppression,” “internalized racial inferiority,” and “white anti-racist development.” Walmart said it “engaged REI for a number of training sessions since 2018” and has “found these sessions to be thought provoking and constructive.”

The program says the United States is a “white supremacy system,” crafted by Europeans “for the purpose of assigning and maintaining white skin access to power and privilege.”

American history is portrayed through a racial lens, claiming it began with the “construction of a ‘white race’” by colonists in 1680.


The program hammers home that white Americans were raised amid “racist conditioning” that indoctrinates them into “white supremacy,” or the view “that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.”

The program prescribes “white anti-racist development” as a treatment for all those terrible attitudes whites hold.

All white people, the program claims, are guilty of “white privilege” and “internalized racial superiority,” by falsely believing that “one’s comfort, wealth, privilege and success has been earned by merits and hard work” when all the time a racist system was showering benefits upon them.

Qualities including “individualism,” “objectivity,” “paternalism,” “defensiveness,” “power hoarding,” “right to comfort” and “worship of the written word.” These “promote white supremacy thinking” and “are damaging to both people of color and to white people,” according to the program

Segregation is essential to discussing this, the program says, because “people of color and white people have their own work to do in understanding and addressing racism.”

The program claims that minority workers at Walmart suffer from “constructed racist oppression” and “internalized racial inferiority” by being subjected to the racist world around them.


According to the program, minority Americans have beliefs that include  “we believe there is something wrong with being a person of color,” “we have lowered self-esteem,” “we have lowered expectations,” “we have very limited choices” and “we have a sense of limited possibility.”

Minority Americans develop “self-hate,” “anger,” “rage” and “ethnocentrism” because of the racism that surrounds them.

To solve the problem, white workers are taught to embrace “guilt and shame,” support the concept that “white is not right” and acknowledge their part in racism.

Via      The Western Journal

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