Video: Hillary Clinton Gets Brutal Belfast Reception: Protesters Howl ‘War Criminal,’ ‘Scumbag’

Left-wing protesters gave former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an icy reception Friday as she visited a university in Northern Ireland to collect the title of chancellor.

The BBC reported Clinton showed up at Queen’s University in Belfast where she collected a historic title: the school’s first female chancellor.

Clinton, who the U.K. Daily Mail reported had just collected an honorary doctorate in civil law at Oxford University in England, said during remarks that Queen’s University is “special” and that she was excited to help “tell the university’s exciting story.”

Apparently, the school’s administrators think highly of failed 2016 presidential candidate and former first lady. But not everyone was pleased to see Clinton pay a visit to campus or collect such a high honor.

A large group of very vocal leftist demonstrators gave her an earful as she walked around the university.

Clinton was called a “war criminal,” a “f***ing scumbag” and a child killer as she was followed and hectored throughout her visit of the school’s grounds, according to a video posted on YouTube on Friday.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers will find offensive.

“Hillary Clinton is a war criminal!” one man yelled repeatedly at Clinton as she smiled and exchanged pleasantries with others on the other side of a barrier.

She never looked at those who were doing the yelling. Still, it’s difficult to imagine she didn’t hear their words.

With passion, one person yelled out: “You’re not welcome in Belfast! Go away, you war criminal scumbag!”

Another man asked loudly, “How many kids have you killed today?”

Yet another angry demonstrator called Clinton “imperialist scum” and “Yankee” while demanding she “go home!”

Chants of, “Hillary, Hillary Hillary, out, out out!” were repeated throughout the four-minute video posted online.

It isn’t immediately clear which if any particular group organized the protest. But it’s absolutely clear that the former first lady, senator, secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee has courted enemies across the globe.

One man who addressed a crowd on the video shared online accused Clinton of being responsible for “over 400 drone strikes across multiple nations which overwhelmingly killed civilians and even children.”

The man also blasted Clinton for labeling black men “superpredators when she helped lobby for the 1994 [U.S. crime bill].”

University faculty likely thought Friday would be a celebratory event that would put them on the map globally, but it ended up being a humiliating spectacle.

Clinton might be well-loved by snooty liberal academics, but it’s clear that people from all walks of life and with different political views hold her in complete contempt.

Via  The Western Journal

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