Ukraine Repairing Damaged Russian Tanks, Using Them in War

Ukrainian mechanics in Kharkiv have been repairing battle-damaged Russian tanks and using them in the war, The New York Times reported over the weekend.

Getting the damaged T-72 and T-80 tanks back on the battlefield against their original owners has been a part of Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive in the country’s second largest city.

Kharkiv, located in the northeast, was one of the first attacked when the Kremlin invaded; but after months of fighting and unable to capture the city, Russian troops have pulled back from it.

In addition to repairing the equipment taken from the enemy, The New York Times reported that Ukraine has also been searching though the damaged tanks for any intelligence information left behind.

For captured tanks that are too damaged to repair, Ukraine has also been stripping them for parts, according to the Times.

It is unclear how many Russian tanks have been destroyed in the war, but Ukraine claims to have captured 74 of them.

Via          Newsmax

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