Trump’s Ga. Lawyer Sends Demand Letter for Signature Match Recount

A lawyer for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in Georgia is asking for an audit of up to 45,000 signatures on ballots that allegedly have been illegally cast in the presidential race before the state’s recount is completed.

In the fifth letter sent to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger by President Donald Trump’s campaign counselor Ray S. Smith, the lawyer urged an audit  “before it’s too late.”

“It is not possible for you to accurately certify the results in the president race… until and unless there is a thorough audit of the Signatures, which we have now requested four times in writing prior to this request,” Smith wrote.

“You cannot in good faith conclude the ongoing statutory recount until you have institute a Signature matching audit,” Smith argued. “The margin in Georgia at this time is 12,670 votes — and the potential illegal absentee ballots included in that number is between three and four times the margin of votes awarding the victory to Joe Biden.”

Smith asserted he estimated that “between 38,250 and 45,626 illegal votes may have been cast, counted, and included in your tabulations for the presidential race.”

“It is inconceivable that you are unwilling to take any steps to audit the Signatures before completing the current recount and proceeding to certify the results of an election where so many illegal votes may be included in your tabulations,” he wrote.

“We implore you to exercise your statutory authority and your duty to the electorate to audit the Signatures, before it is too late,” he pleaded.

Raffensperger has pushed back on claims of fraud, saying on Monday those trying to overturn the election results in the state are “dishonest actors” spreading “massive amounts of disinformation,” the Washington Post reported.

He asserted the recount requested by the Trump campaign would wrap up by its Wednesday deadline just shy of midnight.

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