Trump to be interviewed by Fox’s Bartiromo

Former President Trump will appear on “Fox News Primetime” with host Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday night at 7 p.m., the former president’s office announced in a statement.

The interview marks a rare media appearance for the former president who has cut a low public profile since leaving office in late January.

Trump appeared for a round of interviews in mid-February following the death of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. The former president largely steered clear of politics in those interviews, instead trying to keep the focus on Limbaugh.

However, Trump did lash out at some Republicans who he said did not fight hard enough for him while he was in office.

Trump has been largely invisible since leaving office, as he no longer has access to his Twitter or Facebook pages. The former president’s political action committee and his official post-presidency office occasionally blast out emails touting his endorsements or political statements.

The former president has been in the news in recent days amid a discussion over polls showing a large number of Republican voters and Trump supporters do not intend to get a COVID-19 vaccine. This has led to a discussion over whether Trump should make public calls for people to get vaccinated.

Via The Hill

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