Trump Taps Andrew Giuliani for Holocaust Memorial Council

Andrew Giuliani was among three White House aides named to the US Holocaust Memorial Council by President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Giuliani, who works in the Office of Liaison, is son of President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

“It is my honor to serve on the board of the US Holocaust Memorial Council,” Andrew Giuliani said on Twitter. “At a time when religious freedom is increasingly threatened and anti-Semitism is on the rise, we must always remember the atrocities of the Holocaust and teach our children that government should never impede our individual right to practice religion.”

Mitchell Webber, a lawyer in the Office of the White House Counsel, and Nick Luna, Trump’s personal attendant, also were named to the voluntary five-year HMC posts, according to The Hill.

The 55-member council, which governs and funds the Holocaust museum on the National Mall, is considered one of the most thankless honors a president can confer, according The Times of Israel.

Members are expected to help raise funds for the museum.

Andrew Giuliani, an infant when President Trump first met him, has golfed with the president. Rudy Giuliani has led the president’s legal challenge to the election results in several pivotal states, citing voting irregularities and fraud.

Webber, who is Jewish, wrote about Jewish and Israeli issues for the conservative New York Sun more than a decade ago.

Luna is a former actor whose LinkedIn page says he trained in comedy.


Via Newsmax

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