Trump Pardons 73 People, Including Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne, on Last Day

Florida Rep. Michael Waltz decried the largely partisan vote to impeach President Donald Trump a second time on Newsmax TV on Tuesday, calling it “completely politically driven.”

“I’ve seen shoplifters get more due process than the president of the United States,” the 46-year-old Waltz said on “Stinchfield.” “Not a single hearing. Not even an investigation yet. We still have a lot to learn about what happened on Jan. 6. Who was behind it? Whether it was pre-planned and pre-organized regardless of what the president said. No investigation. No hearing. No trial. Not even an opportunity to defend yourself.

“Zero due process. And now we’re going to go over to the Senate to try to…convict someone who is going to be out of office, who said he supports a peaceful transfer, and said he is going to leave, and it’s completely politically driven. And it’s pouring fuel on the fire of division. And if Joe Biden was an iota of serious about trying to unify the country and move it forward, he would put a stop to this and he can put a stop to this.”

Waltz, a former U.S. Army Special Forces – or Green Beret – officer and currently serving as a colonel in the U.S. National Guard, added that one of the first responsibilities of Republicans will be to defend Trump’s tenure in office.

“I think the first thing that we’re going to have to do as Republicans is come together and agree that we have to defend Donald Trump’s legacy,” said Waltz, who represents Florida’s 6th Congressional District from the southern Jacksonville suburbs to Daytona Beach. “He absolutely transformed this party, into the working man’s party and to the forgotten man’s and woman’s party, whether that was free trade deals, helping farmers, standing up to China, bringing back manufacturing jobs with a new NAFTA deal that everyone said couldn’t be done.

“He did it, not to mention tax reform, justice reform, rebuilding the military, bringing us closer to our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, Middle East peace four fold, across a number of countries, standing up to Iran, the list is truly extensive and impressive, given everything that was thrown at him.”

Via Newsmax

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