Trump DROPS A BOMB on the Left: “I Wonder What I Will be Proved Right About Next, Perhaps it Will Be the Election?” — VIDEO

President Trump spoke to tens of thousands of supporters Saturday in Sarasota, Florida.

At least 45,000 turned out and waited for President Trump despite a torrential rainfall this afternoon.
Another 400,000 supporters viewed the rally live tonight on the RSBN Rumble network.

During his speech tonight President Trump listed a number of items he was 100% correct about but was attacked for by the fake news media.
** The Mueller Report
** Shutting down flights from China
** The success of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID
** The rally in front of the White House by violent BLM goons

Then President Trump said this: “I wonder what I will be proved right about next? Perhaps it will be the election?”

The crowd ROARED!

Let’s pray he is right.

Via The Gateway Pundit

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