Trump Derides Talk of Lifting China Tariffs: ‘Weak, Ineffective’

As President Joe Biden and his administration are talking about lifting tariffs on Chinese imports as a way to lessen the impact of inflation, former President Donald Trump is firing back, calling it a “terrible mistake.”

“Believe it or not, it is looking more and more like the United States is getting ready to remove the tariffs on China,” Trump wrote in a Save America PAC statement posted to Truth Social on Tuesday night. “This would be a terrible mistake. These tariffs have brought many billions of dollars to our country, and made affected businesses, such as steel, viable again in the United States.”

Trump has long decried the Biden family as being soft on China, particularly with the allegations of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, saying a lifting of tariffs would amount to the “greatest gift” to China and its exports.

“Doing this would be the greatest gift that China could ever receive,” Trump’s statement continued. “Our farmers alone got $28 billion as a gift from me, that came directly out of the tariffs because of the way they were abused by China.”

Trump lamented this was yet another concession of the Biden administration as it has created 40-year inflation highs, pointing an added finger at senators that might be working to lift tariffs.

“Taking these tariffs off would be a clear signal that the United States is weak, ineffective, and doing business as usual,” Trump’s statement concluded. “Certain senators are fighting hard to get this done, even saying such ridiculous things as it ’causes inflation.’ Those senators should be questioned as to their real motives!”

Former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, the architect of the Trump tariffs, told Newsmax‘s “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Monday night that lifting Trump’s tariffs on China is “insane.”

“What is Biden’s solution to inflation? He wants to lift the Trump tariffs,” Navarro told Bolling. “We worked really hard to put those tariffs on China because they screw us. They screw American workers. They screw American businesses.

“And by the way, when Donald Trump put those tariffs on, it didn’t cause one iota of inflation. We had the most stable economy … of any in the last 50 years.”

Via        Newsmax

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