Study: 46 Percent of Gen Zers Say Political Activism on Resume Should be Acceptable

Forty six percent of Gen Zers say including political activism on one’s resume should be become more acceptable, according to a recent study by Skynova.

Just 28.9 percent of employers, meanwhile, say the opposite.

The study, which surveyed 512 Gen Z employees and 253 employers in the U.S., presented respondents with a series of questions, including attention-check and disqualification questions.

The section of the study that covers putting personal beliefs on a resume explores specific activism-related topics that Gen Z wants to include on their resumes and how employers receive the concept of adding these topics overall.

The study’s key findings included:

  • 47.2% of employers felt that no form of social activism or movements is ever acceptable on resumes
  • 49% of employers say it is vital to be aware of social justice movements important to employees, compared to 37.1% of Gen Zers who say the same.
  • 55.3% of Gen Zers are much more likely to want to add political activities to their resume, including “volunteering for social justice orientation”
  • Employers view being anti-vaccine as the top political view that automatically disqualifies a job applicant.
  • The movement participation that Gen Zers are the most likely to include on a resume was “equality,” at 54.3%.

The full study can be found here.

Via            Newsmax

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