Rewarding The Hesitant: Biden Calls On States To Bribe Vaccine Holdouts With $100 Incentive

Hesitant to take the vaccine but really need $100 right now? President Biden may have just the answer.

On Thursday, Biden called on state and local governments to tap into the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan to offer $100 payments to people who take the COVID-19 vaccine – which, as we’ve come to learn, doesn’t prevent one from contracting, transmitting, or suffering from the virus – and may even drive infections.

Echoing Biden’s call, the Treasury Department said on Thursday afternoon that the $100 bribes would serve as “an extra incentive to boost vaccination rates, protect communities, and save lives.”

Treasury stands ready to give technical assistance to state and local governments so that they may use the funds effectively to support increased vaccination in their communities, and Treasury will partner with the Department of Health and Human Services throughout this effort.”

The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief law, which Biden signed in March, included $350 billion in funding to assist state, territorial and local governments in battling the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Treasury Department clarified in May that governments that receive funds could use them for vaccine incentive programs. Several states and private businesses have already offered vaccine incentives in the form of lotteries and free food and other goods.

The announcement represents the latest strategy by the Biden administration to incentivize vaccines amid the spread of the more contagious delta variant. –The Hill

At present, around 70% of Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID-1 vaccine, however vaccination rates have leveled off in recent weeks amid waning efficacy, widespread side-effects, the prospect of ‘booster’ shots, and data which suggests that natural immunity for those who have recovered from COVID-19 far exceeds that from the vaccines.

According to The Hill, Biden is set to deliver Thursday afternoon remarks on his vaccination strategy, where he will announce that federal employees will be ordered to get the jab.

“He will send a strong message to all Americans, unvaccinated and vaccinated, about the need to stay vigilant in our fight against the virus and he’ll make clear that his administration will continue to provide every resource needed to help communities and individuals across the country to curb the spread of the delta variant and boost vaccinations,” said White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

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