Rep. Rosendale to Newsmax: Unvetted Afghan Refugees Shouldn’t Be Let In

The Biden administration is using the withdrawal from Afghanistan as an excuse to bring more than 100,000 refugees into the United States, but as they’re not being vetted properly, “they shouldn’t be allowed on U.S. soil,” Rep. Matt Rosendale said on Newsmax Saturday.

“I’ve raised this flag several weeks ago when I saw the Biden administration how horribly they handled this entire withdrawal and we knew at that time there was going to be, use this as an excuse to bring well over 100,000 Afghan refugees into the United States,” the Montana Republican, said on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda” where he was interviewed along with Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas.

“The simple fact that they are being described as humanitarian parolees clearly shows we don’t have the ability to vet them properly,” Rosendale added.

“The other issue that we deal with is cultural. Those folks would be much better served if they were allowed to be placed in communities that were culturally much more similar like Uzbekistan, like Tajikistan, other areas near Afghanistan, so that when there was some stability,…they can move back into their country and actually live lives that they had planned on many years ago”

Meanwhile, more immigrants have come across the nation’s southern border than live in the entire state of Montana, said Rosendale.

“We have literally an invasion taking place right before our eyes and the Biden administration has failed miserably at defending our nation,” said Rosendale.

Sessions, meanwhile, said the federal government needs to understand that it’s unleashed “near to two million people” at the nation’s southern border, and many of them will be in Texa.

“That is already presenting itself with difficulties in counties and communities with schools with hospitals with COVID-19, not only the variant, but the 35 or 40 other variants that come with it,” said Sessions. “We are in a crisis here in Texas because of the Biden administration and our Democratic colleagues, who refuse to work to resolve issues and instead place Texas more in the zone of having to work through our own the issues and problems.”

The Biden administration’s inattention is actually intentional, said Sessions.

“The intent by the Biden administration and by Democrats to not only take America and to radically change us, but to transform us into a welfare state, whereby the federal government takes on all comers,” said Sessions. However, it’s up to Texas and other states to take care of people in schools and hospitals.

“This is an unprecedented amount of people who will come into this country, not being tested for COVID not being tested for any number of other things that happen in health-related problems,” said Sessions. “They are setting America to become not just a welfare state, but where we take on the world’s problems right here at home.”

Via  Newsmax

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