Rep. Mullin to Newsmax: Formula Shortage ‘Typical Policy’

Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., told Newsmax on Thursday that the baby formula shortage is yet another example of how Joe Biden treats America last, continuing a trend he described as going back to the president’s inauguration.

“This is just typical policy from the Biden administration,” Mullin said during an appearance on “Stinchfield.” “It doesn’t make any difference where he’s moving, he has this mentality that America is last.”

Mullin then drew a comparison to another policy the administration has forwarded that he claims fail to prioritize the interests of the American people.

“From the baby formula to even our energy crisis. I mean, we can fix even the energy crisis if he would just allow America to do that rather than running towards Venezuela or Iran or even Saudis to ask them to produce oil.”

The Oklahoma congressman then transitioned back to the baby formula shortage, detailing how he talked to Abbott Nutrition about its recall of formula products in February.

“Abbott said the CEO of Abbott, who makes this baby formula, can’t even get a phone call back from the FDA to come back in and inspect the plant,” Mullin stated. “They are ready. They have been ready to bring people back to work.”

“They’ve been ready for actually over a month, and they say it’s going to take two to four weeks to even get product on the shelf once they come back and inspect it,” he added.

The plant in Sturgis, Michigan, could reopen soon subject to FDA approval, company representatives announced Wednesday on their online newsroom, CBS’ WWMT 3 reported.

“We deeply regret the situation and since the recall, we’ve been working to increase supply at our other FDA-registered facilities, including bringing in Similac from our site in Cootehill, Ireland, by air and producing more liquid Similac and Alimentum,” Abbott representatives said.

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