President Trump Issues Statement on the DOJ’s Threats and the Arizona Audit – “…They Know What Was Done”

The Arizona audit moves on and the Democrats are getting very scared knowing what will be uncovered.

On Friday, America’s corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland, threatened anyone who works on audits of the 2020 election:

This prompted responses from many.  One was from a Senator in Arizona:

Steve Bannon also let Merrick Garland have it:

Today, President Trump responded to AG Garland’s asinine remarks from Friday:

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) is adding more people onto its roles in order to fight against efforts to limit voting and, I assume, other illegal voting acts. Based on that it would seem the DOJ has no choice but to look at the massive voter fraud which took place in certain Swing States, and I assume elsewhere, during the 2020 Presidential Election Scam,” he said.

“Whether it be voting machines, underaged people, dead people, illegal aliens, ballot drops, ballot cheating, absentee ballots, post office delivery (or lack thereof!), lock boxes, people being paid to vote, or other things, the 2020 Presidential Election is, in my mind, the Crime of the Century. Just look at what has happened to our Country, our Borders, our Economy, Inflation, and more in the last five months, and it will only get worse. If there is going to be honor and greatness for America, the voting irregularities and fraud of that election must be brought to light, immediately.

“Otherwise, we have no Country, certainly not a great one! This should not be an attempt by the Biden Administration to suppress the accountability of a dishonest election. That cannot be allowed to happen, nor can the events of the Presidential Election. They want to cancel anything having to do with the result of that election because they know what was done,” Trump said.

Via The Gateway Pundit

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