Poll shows Americans overwhelmingly reject Democrats’ court-packing scheme

new poll from First Liberty Institute finds a majority of registered voters reject the Democrats’ scheme to pack the Supreme Court with left-leaning justices.

“Court-packing is a direct assault on the independence of the judiciary,” Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel to First Liberty said. “Other countries have done this, with disastrous results. Americans recognize that court-packing is a brazen power-play by political extremists to overthrow our court system. The last thing our country needs right now is a coup on the Supreme Court. We need our constitutional system. It is the envy of the world.”

Nearly 80% of respondents were familiar with the idea of packing the court, and nearly 70% opposed it. Only a nominal 5% were undecided.

Asked if Joe Biden should be allowed to pack the court with another four left-leaning justices, giving the left a 7-6 majority, 65% said no. Among Republicans, 95% said no.

Asked if, had Donald Trump been re-elected, he should have been allowed to pack the court, 83% said no overall. And 95% of Democrats said the same.

A significant 44% said they expected that religious liberty would decline if the court-packing scheme were to succeed. And 47% said the court would become less independent.

Sixty-three percent overall said Democrats are promoting the plan to “increase political power.”

Also, a majority of 52% oppose dropping the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. That’s the requirement for 60 votes to advance legislation, which has been supported by both parties until now, with Democrats holding the White House and slim majorities in the House and Senate.

Fifty-four percent said they would be less likely to support their current senator if he or she voted to remove the filibuster and pack the court.

A majority said Biden’s newly announced commission to consider changes to the Supreme Court will rubber stamp the ideas of the left because of its 2-1 liberal-to-conservative makeup.

And 57% said Biden is using the threat of court packing “to influence the current justices … to protect his legislative agenda.”

The polling was done by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy April 15-19, of 1,100 registered voters contacted by telephone.

The poll noted that independent voters overwhelmingly, 68%, rejected plans to pack the court.

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