Pelosi, Schumer Eat and Gloat About Ambushing Trump: ‘She Set Him Up So I Could Go in for the Kill’

I do not like Chuck and Nancy,

I do not like them stuffing their faces in Hunan Dynasty,

I do not like them being sickeningly self-congratulatory,

I most certainly do not like CNN’s never-ending sycophancy.

The above nod to Dr. Seuss is probably more relatable to many Americans than whatever this dreck is that CNN’s Jamie Gangel produced alongside Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The video of this “first-ever joint interview” at Chinese restaurant Hunan Dynasty really helps shred the last vestiges of relatability these Washington elites have to everyday Americans, while also shredding whatever’s left of CNN’s journalistic integrity in one fell swoop.

In a way, it’s almost impressive:

“I want to talk about how the two of you navigated working with former President Trump,” Gangel said.

“We had a good time,” Schumer said, alongside a downright creepy giggle.

Gangel made a point of noting that Pelosi “got under” Trump’s skin, though to be fair to Trump, Pelosi is exceptionally skilled at that.

“Was there a strategy when you went into a meeting?” Gangel asked. “Was there a good cop/bad cop?”

Pelosi went on to criticize Trump’s inauguration comments while picking food out of her teeth with her tongue. It was quite the visual, and not in a good way.

“So I’m thinking, ‘How is he going to begin?’” Pelosi said. “Is he going to quote the Constitution, American history, [a] poet, the Bible?”

Pelosi then attempted to mock Trump by lowering her head and hands, as if she was speaking at a podium.

“‘You know, I won the popular vote,’” she said, mimicking Trump. “And I said, ‘Mr. President, that’s just not true.”

Here’s where Pelosi and Schumer went into full “Mean Girls” mode, though it should be noted that the two are a combined 154 years old.

“We sort of set him up, instinctively. We didn’t plan this,” Schumer said, referring to the first government shutdown under Trump’s watch. The two took an unusual amount of pride in … getting Trump to take ownership of the aforementioned shutdown? It’s as deliriously self-congratulatory as it sounds.

“Chuck was masterful,” Pelosi swooned. “He was masterful.”

“She set him up so I could go in for the kill,” Schumer added.

“He’s talking to [Trump] about the government shutdown and about the immigrants and the rest,” Pelosi said. “And he says, ‘I take ownership.’”

“So I said, ‘Mr. President, will you own the shutdown?’” Schumer said.

“‘Yes,” Trump replied, “I will.’”

Again, Schumer and Pelosi are that giddily proud of that?

Things only got worse as CNN exposed their own blatant hypocrisy by lauding some of Pelosi’s most childish antics — like tearing up Trump’s speech during the State of the Union address or her generally childish antics toward the former president. Could you imagine if this exact same interview was conducted between two Republican figures about President Joe Biden?

CNN would be howling to the moon about the lack of decorum and class.

But perhaps more damning than the lack of scruples from Schumer, Pelosi and CNN is the utter disconnect that these literal coastal elites have from everyday Americans.

The average American doesn’t give a rip about how Schumer and Pelosi “set up” a former president to look foolish. They care about things like record inflation, putting food on their tables, keeping their cars filled with gas and keeping a roof over their heads.

Those are all actual issues that Schumer and Pelosi could have some tangible effect on.

But instead of doing that, they opted for a publicized live re-enactment of “Mean Girls.”

It’s pathetic, but sadly, not at all surprising.

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