Nuclear Device Used in Construction Stolen from Car in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania authorities are asking the public for information regarding a device containing nuclear material used in construction.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection said the device, a portable nuclear gauge, is used in construction to “evaluate the properties of building and road-bed materials,” a press release read. But if the device is “damaged,” people in the vicinity could be exposed to harmful radiation.

The nuclear density gauge, belonging to KAKS and Company LLC, was safely stored inside a vehicle until someone stole the car. Later, authorities found the car, but the device was missing.

Now authorities are pleading with the public to report any information they may have regarding the missing device.

“It is critical for anyone who has information about the lost nuclear gauge to contact local authorities or DEP,” David Allard, director of the Bureau of Radiation Protection, said. “As long as the device is not tampered with or damaged, it presents no hazard to public safety.”

The press release notes that if the device’s seal is damaged, “there is potential for damage to the radioactive source and spread of contamination.”

Via            Newsmax

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