No More Hiding It: CNN Runs Through Point After Point of ‘Beyond Bleak’ News for Biden

Not even CNN can spin President Joe Biden’s poll numbers.

Less than two weeks from the start of the midterm election year of 2022, the president’s approval ratings are underwater almost across the board, CNN national correspondent John King told the network’s viewers on Wednesday.

And two specific words he used captured the Democratic Party’s position perfectly.

“The numbers are bleak — beyond bleak — for the president and for his party as we … now count the days to the midterm election year and the midterm fight to control Congress,” King said.

It was a rare moment of apparently unvarnished reporting from the liberal network that’s better known for boosting the Biden presidency or ignoring its obvious weaknesses.

But the numbers are the numbers, as King reported:

They’re stark, and it’s important to remember that, this being a CNN poll, they’re likely far worse for the Biden White House than an actual check of Americans in daily life would show. (Revealing how seriously biased and flawed polls actually are was just one of the many accomplishments of the Trump presidency.)

According to King’s point-by-point report:

  • 52 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of foreign affairs;
  • 54 percent disapprove of his handling of the economy;
  • 54 percent say the Biden presidency isn’t helping the middle class;
  • And a whopping 59 percent disapprove of his handling of immigration.

And beyond specific issues, Biden’s polling average of 45 percent approval versus 51 percent disapproval is a sign of the trouble his party is looking at when voters go to the polls in November.

“Only Donald Trump was lower than that at this point in his presidency,” King said. “We know what happened to Republicans in the first midterm of the Trump presidency.”

Yes, we do. Republicans lost 43 seats in the House, according to Axios, enough seats to give Democrats a majority and return Nancy Pelosi to the speaker position she held for the first two years of the Barack Obama presidency.

Thanks to special elections in Georgia, Democrats managed to get to a 50-50 vote tie in the Senate, which, thanks to the tie-breaking vote wielded by Vice President Kamala Harris, gave them control of the upper chamber, with Chuck Schumer as majority leader.

At this point in his presidency, Trump had a 35 percent approval rating, according to a CNN report from December 2017.

In December 2009, then-President Barack Obama was at an even 50 percent, according to a CNN report from the time. Obama’s Democrats were routed in the midterms of 2010 — a “shellacking,” Obama called it. (That’s putting it mildly. The 63 seats Democrats lost that year was the worst midterm showing since 1946, as CNS News reported at the time.)

And there’s an element to these numbers that CNN is likely never going to report on:

Even before he took the oath of office, Trump’s presidency was the target of unremitting hostility in the mainstream media and the entertainment world. To find anything positive about him on a regular basis, Americans had to turn to conservative media, though there was plenty of positive news to report. (That trend, naturally, continued into coverage of the 2020 presidential campaign.)

By contrast, Biden’s presidency — like his presidential campaign — has been uniformly supported by the mainstream media with a predictability that would have embarrassed the editors of Pravda.

Yet Biden’s approval rating, even with CNN polling, is a pathetic 45 percent?

The reasons for that are obvious, as King’s report notes. The Biden presidency has been a year of misery for Americans, despite the availability of coronavirus vaccines.

Between rising inflation and supply chain problems at home and embarrassment in foreign affairs abroad (particularly the humiliation and disgrace of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal), sane Americans have very few reasons to approve of the Biden presidency.

“Beyond bleak” are the two words King used to sum up the outlook for Biden and his Democratic Party in light of these poll results, but they could just as easily describe the American prospects if Biden’s presidency continued for four years with a Democratic Congress in his hands.

The Founding Fathers blessed the country with a system that elects the House of Representatives every two years. Conservatives need to repay that gift in 2022 by making sure the debacle of the Biden presidency gets cuff off from as much power as possible.

When it comes to stopping the country’s Democratic-led descent, CNN’s poll numbers are good. Election poll numbers are better.

Via    The Western Journal

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