Minutes Before Biden Gave Vile Speech, Bannon’s House Was Swatted: ‘They’ll Have to Kill Me First’

Steve Bannon says a fake call sent armed police to his home on Thursday night.

The practice of calling officers to a home under false pretenses has become known as “swatting.” Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was a recent victim, with police sent to her home to deal with a reported shooting that never took place.

Police were summoned to Bannon’s Washington, D.C., home at 7:17 p.m., according to the Daily Mail. President Joe Biden delivered an address to the nation at 8 p.m. ET, labeling former President Donald Trump and his supporters as extremists who “[threaten] the very foundations of our republic.”

Bannon said the Biden administration is culpable for the fake call targeting his home.

“This is 100 percent triggered by the White House,” he told the Mail.

“The White House is trying to use this type of violence. They’re stirring up the unstable people on the far left to do this,” said Bannon, who experienced a swatting incident in July as well.

Bannon said the call was meant to have a fatal outcome.

“The calls are very specific and the calls are to trigger the police to use deadly force,” he said.

“These people show up as they’re supposed to. Because they think they are coming into emergency situations.”

However, noting that it only takes one slip in a high-stress situation for an accident to happen, Bannon said, “What’s happened to MTG and myself is they’re trying to get us assassinated, by using law enforcement.”

“I’m never going to stop so they’ll have to kill me first,” he said. ”And if they kill me so bad.”

In a post on GETTR accompanied by a photo of Biden speaking on Thursday, Bannon wrote, “A speech, a photograph , a moment that will live in infamy.

“Our duty is now clear : this usurper must be impeached and removed from office immediately upon MAGA coming to power in January’23 …on this we have a moral obligation to every Patriot grave from the Revolution down to the 13 Honored Dead at the Abbey Gate.”

Bannon said Biden’s charged rhetoric is designed to result in violence.

“Biden is stirring up his most unstable and radical element to use any means necessary to physically harm or suppress dissenting voices,” he said.

“This has never happened in American history. And it’s directly what he’s done over the last 72 hours, everything from the Bethesda speech to last night is aimed very specifically at stirring up violence against his political opponents,” he said, referring to a speech last week in which Biden accused Trump supporters of embracing “semi-fascism.”

Via The Western Journal


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