Lin Wood Claims VP Pence Will Be Arrested and Executed, Along With Others, In Wild Conspiracy Claim

If you haven’t been following an attorney by the name of L. Lin Wood on Twitter as of late, you’re missing out on some of the boldest, wildest claims about the 2020 election that even the best of Hollywood directors couldn’t write in a script.

Wood, a prominent figure in the legal industry, has been on the forefront of attempting to prove allegations by President Donald Trump and his allies that widespread voter and ballot fraud took place in the 2020 election, thus causing Trump to lose.

So far, Wood or anyone else on Trump’s legal teams have managed to effect any meaningful change, as far as having election outcomes thrown out or overturned by a judge. After dozens of cases have been presented and loads of “evidence” along with it, not a single judge has given any of the lawsuits or challenges even a remote chance of being heard.

That aside, Wood is facing increasing scrutiny over the past weeks as his rhetoric has morphed into something totally different. And disturbing.

According to Breitbart, Wood’s latest claim — based on no evidence to speak of other than his “sources” or what he’s heard — is that a number of prominent figures in D.C. will soon be arrested, including Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence himself.

Then, outdoing himself, Wood suggested that not only would Pence be arrested for “treason,” but that he will also soon face a “firing squad.”

He went on to claim that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will somehow be in charge of the Electoral College vote certification on January 6, while retired General Michael Flynn — who was just pardoned by the president last month — will assume the role of the vice presidency.

Yeah, it’s a lot to digest.

Oh, and even if you’re a Trump supporter — if you even dare question Wood’s predictions, you’re branded a “traitor.” Those who doubt Wood are also being asked to shoulder the burden of proof to determine what Wood is saying isn’t true, as if that makes even a shred of sense.

Look, many people believe that this election was rigged, stolen… whatever word you want to use. But reasonable people, sadly, have been sucked into Wood’s very colorful web of elaborate conspiracies and I have a pretty solid feeling that come January 6, there will be a lot of severely disappointed followers of Wood on social media.

Should Pence and others actually be arrested, for anything whatsoever, I will gladly return to this story and issue a full apology for doubting Wood’s ability to predict the future.

Via The Federalist Papers

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