Leftists who previously praised Kamala Harris now finding fault

The Los Angeles Times is a stalwart of liberalism, promoting not that long ago its new “Covering Kamala Harris,” which was described as a project to document “her historic rise to the White House.”

But the publication now is pointing out that Harris has been pretty ineffective.

Fox News described the flip-flop as “a far cry” from the newspaper’s earlier advocacy for her.

Back then, the newspaper said, “Kamala Harris is all kinds of firsts: the first woman, a woman of color, Black woman, mixed-race woman and South Asian elected to national office.”

Now, an article from staff writer Noah Bierman was headlined “Essential Politics: Failure of elections bill shows limits of Kamala Harris’ influence,” and goes after her for simply failing.

Bierman specifically notes Harris’ assignment to lead an effort to “expand” voting rights. That would be by defeating, even removing, election integrity legislation that has originated with the states, and give Washington control over such decisions.

He said there was skepticism when she was given the role a few weeks ago.

“Fast forward three weeks, and Democrats are where many thought they would be: nowhere. The Senate killed the House-passed ‘For the People Act’ on Tuesday, with Democrats lacking the 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster,” Bierman concluded. “As for Harris’ role, the takeaway was how little we saw of her. No dramatic trips to the Senate to court votes. No statements on how to find compromise. No known talks with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, the sole Democratic holdout in supporting the bill.?”

He even charged that her “lack of any significant engagement in the Senate” isn’t really surprising, given her record.

“She served only four years there, a good portion of that time running for president. Her best-known interaction with [Sen. Joe] Manchin involved angering him, when she went on television in his home state earlier this year to push for an economic relief bill, and he publicly complained she hadn’t given him a heads-up,” Bierman wrote.

He concluded that Harris might be able to encourage people to register to vote. “But let’s be clear. This falls far short of what voting rights advocates want.”

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