Leaked Email Shows Huge Epstein Entourage Omission Over Infamous Photo: ‘You Are in the Background’

A recently released leaked email from Ghislaine Maxwell contains what many might consider being a damning photograph of Prince Andrew.

On Dec. 29, Maxwell was found guilty of various charges related to her complicity in the sex-trafficking crimes of late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew has also been linked to Epstein and, on Tuesday, reached a settlement with Virginia Giuffre.

Guiffre claims to have been trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell. This, according to Giuffre, led to her rape at the hands of Andrew, a known associate of Epstein.

The damning photograph was used in the recent civil case of Prince Andrew. It shows Andrew with Giuffre — then known as Virginia Roberts.

Maxwell is featured in the image as well.

According to The Daily Mail, the picture is said to have been taken at Maxwell’s London townhouse in 2001.

During the proceedings of Andrew’s recent civil suit, the duke’s team demanded Giuffre turn over the original image, claiming it might be a fake. Giuffre had lost the original image.

The recently released email, however, seems to confirm the photograph’s authenticity.

Back in 2015, Maxwell and Epstein’s former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, shared an email correspondence regarding the image.

In a message sent to Maxwell, Dershowitz wrote “Dear G. Do you know whether the photo of Andrew and virginia is real? You are in the background.”

A mere eleven minutes later, Maxwell gave her determination.

“It looks real. I think it is,” Maxwell said.

Giuffre claims that only days prior to this email correspondence, she had, for the first time, levied accusations of rape against both Andrew and Dershowitz.

Thanks to the recently reached settlement, however, it appears that — at least in terms of the law — Prince Andrew has nothing left to worry about from these allegations.

While the exact terms of the settlement are still unknown, on Tuesday the New York Post — citing an unidentified source — reported that the amount to be an estimated $12 million.

Whether Andrew is guilty of any crime has yet to be proven in a court of law.

That being the case, if guilty of these horrendous crimes, it is a tragedy he is set to walk away from, having paid such a small price.

Via      The Western Journal

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