Kari Lake Tells Nation to ‘Buckle Up’ as Data Expert Reveals What’s Coming

The results of Arizona’s midterm elections are still being tallied and as Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs wait for the outcome of their gubernatorial race, Lake tweeted on Friday evening that Republicans still have hope for a win.

Currently, Hobbs leads the race by a small margin. The Democrat has 50.7 percent of the vote while Lake has 49.3, according to The New York Times. An estimated 83 percent of the votes are in.

However, Lake is hopeful based on a prediction from a data and political analyst for KNXV-TV, who tweeted that “the GOP cavalry is coming.”

“Buckle up, boys and girls. It’s about to get fun!” Lake tweeted.

The original tweet from the “Data Guru” noted that it is unclear when the votes will be tabulated, but that it looks like they will lean toward Lake.

“The next batch of 114k late early drop-offs that were transmitted to the elections department will break in favor of [Kari Lake],” the analyst tweeted.

Lake has been very open about her optimism in the race.

She told Fox News on Thursday that she is certain of defeating Hobbs.

“I am 100 percent going to win. I have absolute 100 percent confidence that I will be the next governor of Arizona,” Lake said.

In a Thursday radio interview, she predicted that she would win and that Republican Blake Masters, who was running for Arizona’s Senate seat, would likely win as well.

“We’re going to win, probably comfortably, and he’s going to win, and it’s going to be tighter. But we believe Blake Masters has a very, very, very good shot at winning. And they’re afraid,” Lake said.

However, Lake’s hopes for Masters fell short as Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly won the Senate seat on Friday evening, The Associated Press announced. Kelly ended up with 51.8 percent of the vote and Masters trailed behind with 46.1 percent.

Meanwhile, eight of the nine House races in Arizona have been determined, according to 270toWin.

Three seats went to Democrats and five to Republicans, with the race in the 1st District still hanging in the balance.

It is not clear when the race between Hobbs and Lake will be called as votes continue to be counted.

Via The Western Journal

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