Gingrich says America should hit China with 40% tariff

America should hit China with tariffs of up to 40% for allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to escape, race around the globe and kill millions.

So believes former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Fox News contributor who commented this week after the idea that the virus emanated from a Chinese virology lab that was doing experiments on bat viruses gained popularity.

That theory had been discounted for the last year by legacy media outlets, and social media giants online banned people from even referring to it.

Analysts concluded it largely was because President Trump at the time immediately suspected Chinese malfeasance of being at the heart of the viral catastrophe and bluntly said so.

Media outlets, which spent most of his four years in office opposing and criticizing whatever he suggested, immediately bashed it as a “conspiracy” theory.

Now, however, even the leftist Joe Biden administration admits there is something there to investigate.

Which resulted in Gingrich’s comments.

He said not only does the U.S. government need to hold China accountable, there need to be resources to compensate families for the loved ones lost to the pandemic.

He said, “The Chinese have lied to the World Health Organization, they have lied to the planet. They’ve now closed down the opportunity to have any kind of serious investigation…

“China is responsible for the death of millions. For economic crises across the planet. For disrupting the entire world system and the Chinese ought to be held accountable.”

He said, “What we ought to do I think is establish a 30 or 40% extra tariff on all Chinese goods. Put that money into a fund to pay off the families. Allow the families to sue just like you would for any kind of industrial problem… We are gonna charge the Chinese an extra tariff for being bad actors and we’re gonna keep that tariff on until we raise enough money to pay off every American family.”

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