Female veteran allegedly assaulted in parking lot on Mother’s Day, called ‘white b****’ by attacker

Play a bit of switcheroo and the details of the alleged assault on Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown in a Louisville, Kentucky, parking lot would be repeated ad nauseam on cable news. Instead, the story has barely escaped the orbit of local coverage.

According to WAVE-TV, Brown, a disabled Army veteran, was leaving a Kroger supermarket last Sunday when she says she was the victim of a racist attack involving a carful of women.

Brown told the TV station she was backing out of a disabled space when the vehicle behind her blocked her in.

“I get out and I say, ‘Do you guys need any help?’ and she said, ‘F*** you, you white b****,’” Brown said.

“I said, ‘Hold on, you don’t even know me,’” Brown said. “I said, ‘That’s fine. If you don’t need anything, that’s fine. I’ll get back in the car.’”

According to Brown, the four black women in the car threw a cup at her and then proceeded to exit the vehicle to assault her.

“I mean, they were beating me, and I was in a fetal position, covering my face, making sure they didn’t get my eyes,” she said. The fight was eventually broken up by bystanders, according to Brown; Kroger security personnel weren’t involved. Brown ended up with a broken nose.

“It’s hard for us because we all feel like, well what if we would have been there? It makes you feel helpless,” Edward, Brown’s husband, said. “It was terrible for them and for me to have their mom come home in that condition.”

The Browns fear that the attack was racially motivated; one might say that’s obvious, given the language that was used. Brown’s husband is black and her children are biracial.

Furthermore, if the perpetrators aren’t caught, she fears this might happen again.

“I could have been killed, but I know how to protect myself,” the Army vet said. “I mean, I’m a strong person … It doesn’t mean everybody is this strong.”

The Louisville Metro Police Department is currently investigating the incident, although the Brown family is frustrated with how it’s being handled.

For instance, the family has tried to obtain security footage from the day of the attack from Kroger on several occasions but has been unable to get it.

She said she returned to the store on the day of the attack and spoke with police officers to try to get the footage. Then, her daughter called the police. In both cases, they got the run-around.

“They told her, ‘You could have got the video from Kroger the first day,’” Brown said, referring to her daughter.

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