Disturbing Video Appears to Show Minneapolis Mob, Some Clad in Islamic Garb, Invading Apartment and Beating Two Women

Two women in a Minneapolis apartment were violently set upon recently as a gang invaded their apartment.

A video uploaded to Twitter Sunday night captures the incident.

“How did you get into my house?” a victim yells in the video, as the group enters the apartment.

Although the video of the attack has received hundreds of thousands of views on Twitter, information remains sketchy about the incident.

A tweet referenced by The Gateway Pundit indicated that the victims and the attackers were both Somalis.

The website AlphaNews also indicated that the incident involved Somalis.

Video of the attackers showed some in Islamic garb and others in hoodies. Many wore masks.

The explanation offered by AlphaNews for the attack, which was not based on official sources, was that one of the women accused a man in the community, who had ties to the attackers, of sexual assault.

The video shows the group approaching the door of the apartment.

One person in the group knocked on the door, and when it opened, the group flooded into the residence.

After that, the attackers close in on the women and pound them repeatedly.

AlphaNews noted that since the attack, accusations have been flying on social media as members of the Somali community in Minneapolis try to point out those responsible.

In 2019, Fox News reported about crime within the Somali community.

“When they come here, they come with their own experiences of not trusting the police and from a place where the police are known to be corrupt. And the challenge for us lies in trying to get them to cooperate,” Fox News quoted what it said was “one law enforcement officer” as saying.

“They’ll often call 911 when they need help. But when we come, they often won’t then tell us who is causing the problem, so we can take action or stop the crime from happening again,” the officer said.

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