“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden Doesn’t Know the “P” in “Psalmist” is Silent, Not the “S” – Says “Palmist”

78-year-old Joe Biden delivered a Thanksgiving Eve Teleprompter message on Wednesday.

Only 1,000 people watched his statement live.

Nobody cares what this senile fool has to say but we clipped one of the highlights from Biden’s disaster Teleprompter message.

Joe Biden, you know, the “devout Catholic” Irishman from Scranton pronounced “Psalmist” – “Palmist.”

“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden doesn’t know the “P” in “Psalmist” is silent, not the “S” – and he said it two times in a row!

“We can proclaim the palmist with the palmist who wrote these following words,” Biden said.

Via The Gateway Pundit

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