Devin Nunes Welcomes Dem Gov. Newsom to Truth Social

Making strange bedfellows Thursday, Trump Media and Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes welcomed to Truth Social California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, who claimed he was there to combat “Republican lies.”

“Please welcome the Governor of California @realgovnewsom40 to Truth Social!” Nunes posted Thursday. “Welcome to freedom, Governor thank you for joining Truth Social! 🇺🇸”

Nunes also “reTruthed” Newsom’s one and only post, which was a video claiming — using Republicans’ political messaging on crime in Democrat-run cities — there is a “red-state murder problem.”

“What are the laws and policies in those states that are leading to such carnage?” Newsom asked in the video.

Newsom has not posted since, but he did go back to a more Democrat-friendly platform to post further, Twitter, claiming — without evidence, like The Associated Press covering election fraud allegations — there are “Republican lies” on Truth Social.

“I just joined Trump’s Truth Social,” Newsom tweeted. “Going to be on there calling out Republican lies. This could get … interesting.

“My first post — breaking down America’s red state murder problem.”

Via            Newsmax

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