Crooked Manhattan DA Cy Vance Obtains Millions of Pages of Trump’s Personal and Corporate Tax Records Following Supreme Court Decision

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office obtained millions of pages of Trump’s tax returns following the Supreme Court’s decision.

The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that President Trump’s taxes can be turned over to New York City District Attorney Cy Vance so he can conjure up some charges against the former president.

Trump blasted the highest court of the land for allowing the witch hunt against him to continue unabated.

“The Supreme Court never should have let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen, but they did,” Trump said. “This is something which has never happened to a President before, it is all Democrat-inspired in a totally Democrat location, New York City and State, completely controlled and dominated by a heavily reported enemy of mine, Governor Andrew Cuomo.”

CNN reported on Thursday that New York prosecutors obtained Trump’s tax records on Monday shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Trump’s accounting firm Mazars reportedly gave Vance’s office financial records and tax returns for 2011-2019.

Cy Vance also subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank and Ladder Capital related to the Trump Organization’s transactions.

The financial records from Mazars will not be released to the public because they’re subject to grand jury secrecy rules…but when has that ever stopped the leakers from selectively releasing documents in order to damage Trump and his inner circle?

CNN reported:

Prosecutors obtained the records on Monday, just hours after the US Supreme Court denied Trump’s last-ditch effort to keep the records private, a spokesperson for the district attorney said.

The millions of pages of documents, sources say, contain Trump’s tax returns spanning from January 2011 to August 2019, as well as financial statements, engagement agreements, documents relating to the preparation and review of tax returns, and work papers and communications related to the tax returns.

Though the documents handed off from Trump’s long-time accounting firm Mazars won’t be released to the public because they’re subject to grand jury secrecy rules, their delivery caps off an extraordinary 17-month quest by the former President and his lawyers to block investigators from obtaining the records.

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