Cori Bush Peddles Sick Lie: If Rittenhouse Is Acquitted, White Supremacists ‘Can Shoot at Us’

If Kyle Rittenhouse is found innocent of all charges, it’ll be open season on black people, one Democratic congresswoman claims.

As is often the case, that congresswoman was none other than the prominent race-hustling representative of Missouri’s first congressional district, Cori Bush.

Rittenhouse has been charged with homicide and other charges related to the shooting of three men, two of them fatally, during the August 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

On Monday, Bush claimed that white supremacists had shot at her and others protesting the 2015 police shooting of Michael Brown (the officer was cleared of accusations of wrongdoing by investigators) and “if Kyle Rittenhouse gets acquitted, it tells them that even 7 years later they still can get away with it.”

Bush’s statement is a little confusing, considering Rittenhouse and all three of the men he shot are white.

Even more incredibly, as it turns out, the man accused of shooting at protesters in Ferguson all those years ago was not a white supremacist.

As journalist Andy Ngô was quick to point out in a response to Bush’s tweet, the actual perpetrator in that case was a black man named Jeffrey Williams.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Williams shot two police officers in March of 2015. It is believed that officers were targeted in the shooting. In December of 2016, Williams was convicted for his crimes.

Williams’ actions were likely incited by the very anti-cop rhetoric found in Bush’s false and misleading proclamations about “systemic racism” and bias in policing.

When it comes to Bush’s version of events, the Post-Dispatch reports that Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall Jr. claimed to have no knowledge of any such incident having taken place.

But moving back to Rittenhouse, why the racial angle with his trial?

The three men the 18-year-old shot were all white. Even more than that, the first of the men shot — Joseph Rosenbaum — had been yelling anti-black racial slurs throughout the night, according to Law and Crime.

So, why has Bush taken this incredibly inconsistent, nonsensical position?

Because all of these left-wing hacks need you to believe that the riots in Kenosha were “mostly peaceful.”

They need you to believe the shooting of Jacob Blake (the event that precipitated the Kenosha riots) was an example of unjustified racism (even though investigators found no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the officer).

They still need you to believe the shooting of Michael Brown was unjustified as well — Bush went as far as to claim he was “murdered” in her tweet even though the police officer was cleared of wrongdoing in Brown’s shooting.

Bush, Democrats, the establishment media, left-leaning big tech companies and everyone else pushing the “systemic racism in America” narrative need you to believe that the violent riots that raged throughout 2020 — including those in Kenosha — were a justified response to police brutality.

Rittenhouse couldn’t have been there to help out, they insist; he must have been a white supremacist murderer with a desire to kill racial-justice protesters.

All those groups must make you believe this lie. Otherwise, should the truth come out — that left-wing practices and policies are the problem, not policing — they will be exposed for what they have done.

And what they have done is invite and incite violent mobs to destroy America for more than a year.

Via        The Western Journal

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