Conservative Commentator Stumps Transgender Activists on ‘Dr. Phil’ with ‘What Is a Woman?’ Question

An activist who identifies as “nonbinary” was unable to explain what a woman is when asked by Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire on an episode of the “Dr. Phil” show that aired Wednesday.

The conservative commentator faced off against LGBT activist Addison and another “nonbinary” guest, Ethan, in a discussion of gender.

“Well, this is one of the problems with this left-wing gender ideology is that no one who espouses it can even tell you what these words mean,” Walsh said.

“Like, what is a woman?” he asked the other panelists. “Can you tell me what a woman is?”

“No, I can’t, because it’s not for me to say. Womanhood looks different for everybody,” Ethan said.

“What do you define a woman as?” Addison asked Walsh.

“An adult human female,” he said.

“And what is a female?” Addison asked, with Walsh replying that a woman has female reproductive organs.

“When you’re female it goes right down to your bones, your DNA,” he said.

After some debate, Walsh said, “You stood up here and said, ‘Trans women are women.’ Tell me what you mean. What is a woman?”

“Womanhood is something that, just as Ethan explained, I cannot define because I am not myself –,” Addison said as Walsh interjected.

“But you used the word,” he said. “So what did you mean when you said, ‘Trans women are women,’ if you don’t know what it means?”

“So here’s the thing. I do not define what a woman is because I do not identify as a woman,” Addison said. “Womanhood is something that is an umbrella term.”

“That describes what?” Walsh said.

“People who identify as a woman,” Addison said.

“Identify as what?” Walsh said.

“As a woman,” Addison said.

“What is that?” Walsh said.

“Well it’s to each their own,” Addison said. “Each woman, each man, each person is going to have a different relation with their own gender identity and define it differently. And so trans women are women, too.”

“You won’t even tell me what the word means though, so that’s the problem,” Walsh said.

“You want to reduce women, you want to reduce men down to maybe just their genetics, our genitals, our chromosomes, right?” Addison said.

“No, what you want to do is appropriate women, you want to appropriate womanhood, and turn it into, basically, a costume that could be worn,” Walsh said.

He also said the individuals may perceive themselves as whatever they wish but should not force others to use specific pronouns when referring to them.

“You don’t get your own pronouns, just like you don’t get your own prepositions or your own adjectives,” Walsh said.

“It’s like if I were to tell you, my adjectives are ‘handsome’ and ‘brilliant,’ and whenever you’re talking about me, you have to describe me as handsome and brilliant, because that’s how I identify,” he said.

“That doesn’t make any sense. You don’t get your own pronouns,” he said. “That’s grammar. That’s language.”

Via      The Western Journal

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