Biden Faces Civil War as Organization Dedicated to Stopping Him Opens Fire from the Left

It’s the leftist version of “Let’s Go Brandon” — and it’s likely to mean a real headache for President Joe Biden.

A progressive group — that came out the day after the midterm elections with an advertisement in New Hampshire asking Democrats to turn down another Biden bid for the presidency — has expanded the campaign to three more states that are crucial to the early stages of the presidential race in 2024.

So bad news for Biden is getting worse.

RootsAction, a group that backed Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primary, announced in a news release Wednesday that it is broadcasting the ad this week on CNN and CNBC in Atlanta, Detroit and Columbia, South Carolina.

The theme is “don’t run Joe.”

The broadcasters chosen are no accident, of course.

CNN, despite all the headlines about its new management, remains a left-wing redoubt even in an overwhelmingly liberal landscape.

CNBC might not have the CNN baggage of openly left-wingers like Don Lemon, but it still indulges in the liberal bias to be expected from the sister station of radical progressive propaganda outlet MSNBC.

Both are likely to attract viewers who would be voting in Democratic primaries.

The states chosen for the ad are no accident either, obviously. While New Hampshire has long enjoyed “first-in-the-nation” status, a new Democratic primary schedule being considered for 2024, according to NBC News, would put South Carolina’s primary first, followed by Nevada’s caucus and the New Hampshire primary, followed by primaries in Georgia and Michigan.

In short, RootsAction is concentrating its action on the earliest decision makers in the Democrats’ 2024 race.

“On behalf of most Democrats as well as our party’s activist base, we are strongly urging President Biden not to seek renomination,” Pia Gallegos, board chairwoman of RootsAction, said in the group’s news release.

So, sensible Americans can agree on at least one thing with the RootsAction radicals: That Joe Biden should not be president of the United States for another term.

Where the two sides differ, of course, is why. Conservatives — watching the country’s southern border being overrun by an invasion of illegal aliens, the country’s economy buffeted by inflation, and an international scene where Washington’s words are increasingly ignored by friend and foe alike — know an additional four years of a Biden presidency and his left-wing policies would spell disaster.

For RootsAction, bless their hearts, Biden’s just not leftist enough.

And that’s where bad news gets worse for Biden. The doddering octogenarian has already shown he’s captive to his party’s left wing. The obscenely robust defense of abortion by the supposedly “devout Catholic” Biden, his willingness to violate his presidential oath of office to ignore federal law on immigration, his destruction of the country’s energy sector, and other disastrous decisions have proven that.

Contrary to the statements on the RootsAction ad, those policies are not wildly popular among the American people.

So, Biden’s capitulation to the left over the past two years has not won him support from Americans who didn’t vote for him in 2020, when he squeaked to a “victory” that needs an asterisk or two.

Yet the militant left wing is pushing for even more from his administration and openly seeking an alternate candidate in 2024?

That’s a set-up for a civil war in the Democratic Party, and it’s one Biden is ill-equipped to fight, much less win.

Among conservative Americans, “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a bowdlerized way of stating a much coarser sentiment involving Joe Biden and the f-word. Among the left, “don’t run Joe” may well reach a similar status. (Though leftists, who generally lack both the manners and the morals to be averse to coarse language, might just bypass the euphemism.)

Either way, it’s a new front Biden is facing from within his own party. And when some of the most prominent names on the left have already shown trouble endorsing him, it’s obvious the Democratic Party is far more ruptured than the liberal media is letting on.

For all of the open division among conservatives and the Republican Party, the intra-party civil war Biden is facing is likely to be far, far worse.

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