An Apparently Confused Biden Goes Silent After Fielding Question About Putin

More clips have surfaced which highlight Biden’s apparent difficulty in handling unscripted back-and-forth discussion during his ongoing foreign policy focused Europe trip. As early as the weekend at the G-7 the Associated Press had noticed a “handful of verbal stumbles” the US president made. As we also highlighted there would be more to come. And then at his big Monday night NATO summit presser, there was the following bizarre moment

Vladimir Putin laughed at the suggestion that you had called him a ‘killer,'” a CNN reporter asked“Is that still your belief, sir, that he is a killer?”

The reporter followed with a second question, also asking, “Do you believe if he does agree to cooperate, then what kind of a challenge do you find yourself in? How would you ever trust him? And if Ronald Reagan said, ‘trust, but verify,’ what do you say to Vladimir Putin?

After an unusually long and awkward silence as Biden grasped for words, he later forgets the second question and looks around the room for a verbal que.

Many pundits have observed that it’s alarming that the leader of the free world is about to go into the biggest foreign policy meeting of his presidency, with Vladimir Putin, and he’s appearing to have trouble keeping track of simple questions and verbal exchanges.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald on Monday wrote the following:

“Given this genuinely disturbing videos and others like it, it’s a good day to remind everyone that the warnings that Biden is suffering from serious cognitive decline came *not* from MAGA people or Bernie supporters, but from worried establishment Dems,” Greenwald said Monday.

There’s growing speculation that Biden’s planned-for “solo news conference” – as opposed to the norm in a bilateral summit of two world leaders jointly taking question from the press – is really about ensuring a predictable and scripted enough exercise to avoid any personal embarrassment which might involve the US president stumbling in his thoughts or grasping for words.

Certainly the White House fears that Putin would seek to capitalize on any potential ‘confusion’ on display by Biden, hence the solo press conference.

Via Zero Hedge

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