Aaron Lewis Unleashes on Democrats: They’re ‘Responsible for Every F***ing Scar That Exists’ on America

Musician Aaron Lewis shredded the Democratic Party as he performed a new country anthem during an acoustic set in Texas last week.

Lewis played his most recent single, “Am I the Only One,” a ballad about the state of the nation in the coronavirus era.

In doing so, he shared his thoughts on what Democrats are doing to life and liberty, going so far as to tell the crowd that they are responsible for every “scar” on our battered country.

The Staind frontman and popular solo artist, known for his poetic and reflective music, broke into a long diatribe that was not fit for radio as he ripped Democrats for dividing and destroying America.

“I really look back on this timeframe in history and wonder how we were allowed — how we allowed such ridiculousness to happen in this country,” he said during an Oct. 7 show in Grand Prairie, Texas. “We’ve allowed a virus that was created by man to destroy the entire fabric of mankind.”

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.


Strumming his guitar, Lewis told the raucous crowd, “See, I liked American history at school. I paid close attention in that class. Yeah, but did we all pay attention? Because if we all paid attention in our f***ing history classes, we would know that the Democrats are responsible for every f***ing scar that exists on this country.

“Let’s go through history, shall we, real quick? Every American Indian massacre. Every f***ing slave aside from eight that was ever owned in this f***ing country was owned by f***ing Democrats.

“Every segregational law, every racist law, every Jim Crow law, every f***ing KKK meeting was done by the g*****n Democrats,” he said, to wild cheers from the audience.

“Can we please embrace history so we don’t f***ing repeat it? Please! Go look it up yourself. Please, I’m begging you, do not take my word for it. Get off Google and go look it the f*** up yourself.

“The Democrats are responsible for every f***ing scar that exists on this country. Period. The f***ing end. I implore all of you, please go look it up yourself. I don’t want you to believe me,” he said.

“I don’t want you to think that just because I have this microphone what I’m saying is true. I want you to go and look it the f*** up yourself. Find out for yourself. Wake up.”

After concluding a verse of the song, Lewis asked his audience to recall the riots that overtook America last year. He obliterated the leftist activists who used the unrest to go after cultural landmarks and lit up those who supported and enabled them.

“So last year during those riots that the Democrats sponsored, that the Democrats supported, that the Democrats bailed criminals out of jail for, that our vice president created a fund to bail out the people that were committing crimes during riots — those statues they were tearing down? … They’re all Democrats,” he said.

“Every statue they just tore down, all of them, they’re all Democrats. Isn’t that something? Ain’t that something? Just think about that for a second,” he said before continuing the song.

Lewis has gravitated toward country music in recent years. He has also clearly gravitated toward politics.

His music has endeared him to rock fans for its sincerity and beauty. Lewis isn’t done being sincere, even if he’s not always so eloquent.

Via    The Western Journal

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