A Week After Banning CEO Mike Lindell, Twitter Takes Even More Action Against MyPillow

Twitter acted on Monday to smother the manufacturing company, MyPillow, on its social media platform a week after it did the same thing to company CEO Mike Lindell.

The permanent suspension came for violating the platform’s ban evasion policy, Twitter confirmed to USA Today.

Twitter’s ban evasion policy says users who have terminally offended Twitter can’t use other accounts to continue posting the content that got them banned in the first place.

“If an account has been permanently suspended for severe violations of the Twitter Rules, Twitter reserves the right to also permanently suspend any other account we believe the same account holder or entity may be operating in violation of our earlier suspension, regardless of when the other account was created,” the policy says.

Lindell, a fervent support of former President Donald Trump, has been one of the loudest voices decrying the presidential election as riddled with fraud, and has continued to voice his claims long after many others have stopped.

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His personal account was banned for violating Twitter’s policy on claims of widespread election fraud.

In a cached tweet from Sunday, the MyPillow official Twitter account wrote, “This was the post @jack was upset about when he canceled @realmikelindell! @Jack I know you are tied into the election fraud! You are so afraid of being found out! So many are looking forward to you being brought to justice!”

The tweet followed another one criticizing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported MyPillow during this time…..Jack Dorsey is trying to cancel me (Mike Lindell) out!” the first tweet said. “We are extremely busy and hiring as fast as we can to handle all the shipping! Jack will be found out and should be put in prison when all is revealed!”

“I can’t believe they’re doing this to my company,” Lindell told USA Today. “They’re out to destroy me.”

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the MyPillow CEO said the ban was “part of the continued attacks because I want to get the fraud out there. All is going to be revealed that these machines attacked and stole the election.”

Some Twitter users condemned the platform for its actions.

Via The Western Journal

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